R&D VP and Director


1)   Oversee all R&D projects in target selection/validation,recombinant protein and antibody engineering including recombinant proteinexpression/purification; phage display library design and construction; Fcengineering; antibody/nanobody/bispecific antibody design/optimization;druggability assessment and optimization.

2)   Identify and establish key technology platforms with synergies toour current technology platforms and execution of in vitro and invivo functional studies. Discovering, optimizing and delivering new drugcandidates to enter CMC and clinical trials.

3)   Manage all internal and external collaborations. Lead all efforts introubleshooting of all technical and scientific issues. Participate in theevaluation and assessment of potential in-licensing and out-licensingopportunities

4)   Present experimental data in a clear and concise manner in internaland external conferences. Build a positive, team- and results-oriented corporateculture.


1)     PhD in protein biochemistry,immunology/cancer biology, protein structural modeling and protein engineeringrelated disciplines with at least 5 years of R&D experience in abiotech/pharmaceutical environment. An ideal candidate should have more than5-year biotech/pharma R&D experience in antibody/biologics drug discovery. Researchexperience in hemostasis/Hematology is a plus.

1)     Extensive hands-on experiencein target validation, protein engineering and antibody design and optimizationincluding antibody, nanobody and bispecific antibodies, phage display or otherdisplay platforms, affinity optimization, humanization, Fc engineering, anddruggability assessment as evidenced by a strong publication record, patentapplications and pipeline contributions to IND submissions.

2)     A successful candidate musthave strong background and comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experiences in proteindrug design and understand of antibody structure-function relationships. Hands-onexperience in animal models (cancer, infectious diseases or autoimmune) is anasset.

3)     An ideal candidate should havestrong people management skills, ability to work in a team-oriented environmentand excellent communication and language skills (Chinese and English).

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