About Us

Beijing Neoletix Biological Technology (Neoletix) Co. Ltd.is a clinical-stage biotech company committed to innovative research and development in hemostasis, thrombosis, rare diseases and therapies that can eradicate cancer tumors. At Neoletix, we have a long-standing interest and extensive expertise to go with it in the development of novel medicines to treat life-threatening diseases.

The company was initially formed to develop drugs that can treat a variety of coagulopathies, such as hereditary disorders (Hemophilia and VWD). With newly developed nanobody targeting platforms, the focus of the company has expanded into other pathological conditions including specific thrombotic diseases and cancers.

Neoletix has research sites both in China and U.S in order to have access to a broad range of technologies, people and other opportunities. Our mission is to develop novel therapies that will dramatically improve patient quality of life worldwide.

13th Kechuang St. Beijing Economic Development Area, Beijing
Passionate for life and future Dedicated to the research and development in the area of hemostasis, thrombosis, rare diseases and cancer therapies.